The Intelligence Fund

Recorded Future is dedicating $20 million to invest in organizations who share our vision for a world secured by intelligence.  

About The Intelligence Fund

The Intelligence Fund is a dedicated pool of $20 million to be funded and directed by Recorded Future.

The Intelligence Fund will invest in experienced founders looking to tackle significant problems that require novel approaches using data sets, collection platforms, and applications that integrate into the Recorded Future platform and ecosystem. It invests in companies who are looking for funding with or without a lead investor .

Our Portfolio Companies


Comprehensive domain and IP address data for users and applications that demand clarity. 

Gemini Advisory

Data-driven Fraud Intelligence solutions to prevent fraud before it occurs.

Cyber Threat Cognitive Intelligence (CTCI)

CVE intelligence on exploited or soon to be exploited vulnerabilities.

Reality Defender

An enterprise-grade platform to test for synthetically altered images and videos

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